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I have my second art show of the month tonight.

The show is at LITM Gallery 140 Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ

LITM Event Page


I stopped by to drop off the work yesterday and it seems like a great space! I was also very excited to see that one of the other participating artists had painted a picture of John Water's Devine.Tonight is also a very exciting night for me because I start my new documentary project about artists and musicians who during the day work in the service industry or something to that extent. I'm begining my project with a New York band Moniker, who are also playing at Trash Bar tnight in Brooklyn.

Moniker Event Page


Tonight is a night of art and I can't wait!


-C. Marie Thérèse Parra

Happy Space Christmas


I've been working on badly edited comical  appropriated Christmas cards. This is one of a friend and I in Bowie face.The sweaters had me thinking perhaps I should start making pop art type sweaters for the winter and market them to stores. I may just start doing that in a few weeks after I get a start on my new documentary project. Until then there's always festive holiday cards.


-C. Marie Thérèse Parra




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